Move to Earn
Move to Earn
You can either describe yourself or create your dream person! You can use thousands of interesting and dazzling accessories while creating your digital twin. Don’t forget, you can describe yourself any way you want to at GoArt!

Enter the time portal

collect MTE points

Pass through the time portal, and collect MTE points and surprise rewards.

Convert the MTE points you collect to cryptocurrency

You can convert your MTE points to Polygon cryptocurrency, and spend it anytime you like.

Spend your cryptocurrencies as you wish!

As you play, you can level up your avatar, and as you evolve, you can get more exclusive accessories and new skills.
  • GoArt Inc. founded in Austin,USA
  • Brand registration
  • IPRO patent office exposure
  • AR/VR Solutions department started GoArt
  • Team building up to 50 people
  • Game experience
White Paper

White Paper

GoArt is the metaverse landing point for users and brands. GoArt aims to provide an AR-powered metaverse shopping experience. Supporting this experience with well-crafted rich content which could be found in time travel gates.
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