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We're giving away 100 ETH to motivate and support our community in the harsh conditions of the bear market.

Concept of Free to Earn

Giving Back Before The Mint

During the previous year's NFT bull run the communities were active and it was easy for the projects to sell their promises planned after the mint date. However after March 2022, trading NFTs or hustling for whitelist spots were not rewarding for the community members. Also many hype projects weren't able to sell out or deliver their promises after the mint. We are aware of the fact that it's challenging to launch a new project during the bear market. So we came up with #FreetoEarn concept to reward our active members by distributing 100 ETH cash prize in our mobile game before the mint date.


2022 - Q3

GoArt App - Alpha
Community Building
Community NFTs
Event B2B MVP

2022 - Q4

6 Brand Portal Openings
In Game NFTs Launch
Multiplayer Game Release
Real World Game MVP
Brand Marketing Admin Panel


12 Brand Portal Openings
NFT Marketplace Release
Immersive Game Experience
Collaboration with Other Metaverse
Brand NFTs MVP


GoArt Concept


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