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Media and Announcements


GoArt, had a warm day in the harsh conditions of this crypto winter

## Even in these dull market conditions GoArt Keys collection Sold Out in just 15 minutes Founded in the US, locating its development office in Turkey, GoArt illustrated a great example of how important it is to keep building as a project and a community. Making a power move with the community, GoArt sold NFTs from its first collection GoArt Keys in just 15 minutes. GoArt claims to combine their AR expertise and Metaverse know-how, and offer a solution for innovative brands to adapt to the shift from traditional Web2 practices to more engaging Web3 ones. GoArt premises an augmented Metaverse experience for everyone, and the community seems like their core concern. For their first collection, GoArt just offered the community a chance to mint GoArt Keys for free. At the time, GoArt Keys sold out in 15 minutes. Immediately listing their Keys on OpenSea and X2Y2, users exchanged NFTs thousands of times at an average price of 0.04 ETH($70) per piece. Using the GoArt Keys, you get an exclusive chance to pass through portals to visit exclusive clubs, in addition to getting whitelisted for future collections and airdrops. This collection demonstrates a strong start from GoArt for the product to reach its potential. A healthy growth sign when it comes to user reach and building the product with the community. Working to build its Metaverse with the community, these 5555 Keys will act as community passes with exclusive offers. ## Enticing Engagement & A Fair Ecosystem/ First mint and Trending Top4 In the first 6 hours of the event, the GoArt Keys collection became 4th in daily Volumes on both Trending Top 10 lists. More than 110 ETH in Volumes daily was achieved. At every chance they get GoArt emphasizes the value they attain to building a strong and equal community; and the data is here to support that there actually is a fair distribution amongst users. #### Rankings It is observed that even though users only listed %11 of what they purchased, the rate for unique wallets is around %59 for GoArt Keys collection NFTs on both OpenSea and X2Y2, 3900 unique wallets. Meaning that they indeed act parallel to what they say. GoArt claims to achieve what Web3 wants to; a fair ecosystem that isn't just for a selected group. ### A Community Oriented Metaverse Premising to build a fun ecosystem and an engaged community by serving them well in adopting Web3 technologies, GoArt remains active on their social platforms by adding new members to their community every day. GoArt’s Twitter account has reached over 89300 followers, and around 35000 users have joined the Discord channel. Burak Soylu GoArt’s CEO describes how they value transparency as a company and informs us that they continuously update the community about the development process through exclusive events. Striving to become one of the pioneering companies in the industry, GoArt is working to transform GoArt into a blockchain based, transparent, and community oriented Metaverse. Community welfare is GoArt’s emphasis. CSO Ilker Zoroglu adds on and shares how excited he is to reach over 100.000 users a day and to feel their support. How satisfied he is to be able to gather and motivate people around a vision. Furthermore, he refers to the minting event as a great opportunity to strengthen ties with the community. believing that with reaching such a large audience, GoArt has proven that they are on the right path. ### A more sustainable Web3 Experience Combining their AR(Augmented Reality) expertise with Metaverse, GoArt promises a competitive advantage for innovative projects preparing to shift their business to Web3. With lands with distinct attributes and locations in sale, users can shop, socialize and have fun in a unique way. GoArt is coming to elevate your shopping experience and offer it with a single GoArt portal. With the uncensored and unique essence of Web3 technologies and the Metaverse, online sales are shifting to the Metaverse. GoArt has a community oriented nature, and a more engaged community seems to be their goal. They state they are entering a new era where brands will marketing their items alongside their culture. And the GoArt team is ready to supply the technical infrastructure for an immersive customer-brand experience. GoArt offers users a chance to add value to the ecosystem in a unique way by expressing themselves with their personalized spaces . And an ecosystem where brands engage customers innovatively and share their culture. ### For the Ecosystem and the community Starting with the move-to-earn motto, observing and working with how important community relations is, GoArt started a Free-to-earn campaign. GoArt handed out around 120 ETH worth of MTE tokens to engage users and incentivize the community. Which were earned by interacting with historic maps, and collecting tokens while listening to historically accurate stories on the app. But their work is not just constricted to the lab. Also, IRL, GoArt continues attending summits and events to share their insights on the future of Web3 technologies and Metaverse with countless blockchain and NFT communities, some of which include the Dubai Metaverse Assembly 2022, the Token2049 Singapore, and the Metaverse EXPO 2022 Seoul. After the pandemic there indeed was a change in consumer behavior. Everything was available online. As popular as Web2 shopping might be right now, there are complaints. Things brands need to consider when attracting customers. With the help of Web3 technologies ensuring clear communication with its community and culture oriented nature, GoArt aims to become your one-stop Metaverse for new users and brands. For now, GoArt hosts over 90.000 people from 54 countries in its community and introduces new users and brands to the ecosystem every day, aiming to contribute to the ecosystem with innovative solutions together with the community and brands.

January 15, 2024


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