Journey Through Time: The Role of MTE in the GoArt


Journey Through Time: The Role of MTE in the GoArt

June 10, 2024

Welcome, time travellers, to the unique ecosystem of GoArt, where adventure and time intertwine. Here, your explorations and discoveries are not just for fun; they hold real value, thanks to our in-game currency: the MTE.

MTE: More Than Just a Currency

MTE isn't another token; it's the heartbeat of our world. As time travellers, you repair and enhance your journey packs using MTE, turning every moment spent in our universe into potential profits. When you collect MTEs from the mythical past-time portals, you're not just gathering currency; you're capturing memories of your adventures across time.

Your Quest for MTE

Your journey begins with a simple starter pack, your first step in becoming a seasoned time traveller. As you delve deeper into the mysteries of our metaverse, upgrading to community packs becomes essential, allowing you to store more MTEs and extend your adventures. Remember, these portals aren't just stumbled upon; they're rewards for your curiosity and bravery in exploring the unknown.

The Value of Your Time

In our world, the value of time is quantifiable: 10 MTEs are equivalent to 1 MATIC. This straightforward exchange rate is a testament to our commitment to transparency and fair play. It's our way of ensuring that your time-travelling endeavours are rewarding, both in experience and tangible rewards.

MTE's Role in Your Journey

As a time traveller, you know the importance of a well-maintained pack. MTEs play a crucial role here, helping you repair and upgrade your gear, ensuring you're always ready for whatever our universe throws at you.

A Transparent Journey

Our on-chain transaction system ensures that your acquisition and use of MTEs are as clear as the skies over the Metaverse. This transparency is our pledge to you, ensuring that your journey through time is fair and your achievements are rightfully earned.

Time travellers, your journey in the GoArt Metaverse is unique, and so is our MTE. It's more than a currency; it's a symbol of the time you've invested, the challenges you've overcome, and the memories you've created. As you continue your journey through time, let MTE be the beacon that guides and rewards your explorations.

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