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What’s GoArt?

GoArt is the exclusive gateway into the metaverse for players, publishers, investors and creators who are wishing to design, utilize, and engage through an immersive virtual experience. Our goal is to offer a rich, well-crafted experience in the metaverse that can only be found via time portals, complemented with augmented reality (AR) technology. Once passing through portals, you can visit historic locations, virtual worlds of the future, brand stores, and events. The app’s virtual historic locations also allow users to collect MTE tokens, which they can easily swap into MATIC.

Create your avatar easily, explore GoArt; expand your business’s reach and start experiencing Web3.

What can you do in GoArt?

You can experience XR technology and make time travels with your avatar, which represents you in different time cycles. You will be able to explore the past, future, and present time frames, participate in events, interact with other avatars, and enjoy all experiences.

What are the portals and time dimensions?

In GoArt, time portals are the gateways that allow you to witness different points in history and discover the mysterious uncertainty of the future. Time portals are the gateways that will be the starting point of your time travel experience. Time dimensions refer to the world that makes up GoArt. Your avatar can be in only one of the following time dimensions at a given time: present, past, or future. You can switch between time portals using the toggle in the app.

Sign Up & Register & Flow

How to sign up and start exploring?

Open the GoArt mobile app after you install through your application market. You will see the "Sign in" screen after passing through the introductory sections. After you click the "Don't have an account? Create an Account" option on this screen, the "Create an Account" screen will open. After entering the avatar name, e-mail address, and password on this screen, you can confirm the user agreement and complete the sign-up process.

Are there any prerequisites for Play to Earn (P2E)?

Yes, before you could swap your MTEs you need to go through a KYC phase, which is being done through Fractal web page. Your personal information is kept securely and used as you approve in the user agreement.


What is an MTE?

MTE is the medium of exchange of GoArt. MTEs are the in-game tokens of GoArt and can be used to perform various actions. From leveling your avatar up to repairing your damaged items, you can use them throughout the game. And the best part is; that you can swap them for MATIC.

What is MATIC?

MATIC is the Polygon network’s native cryptocurrency, which is used for fees, staking, and more. You can trade MATIC via centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges.

What are promo codes?

Promo codes are discount codes provided by the brands that you can collect brand loyalty points and utilize outside of GoArt to get you some external utilities.

What are Starter & Community Packs?

Upon entering GoArt every Time Traveller gets a Starter Pack, which is used to collect items throughout the game. Starter Packs cannot hold a larger amount of MTEs and other items. So, to continue your journey, you need to upgrade to a Community Pack. You can do that by locating Community Packs and activate them with your MTEs. Don’t forget that the lifespan of bags decreases with traveling and you are required to repair your bags to keep accumulating.

What are Loyalty Points?

Loyalty points determine how committed you are to visiting the brands’ meta-stores that have been onboarded to GoArt, and help you get rewarded accordingly. To utilize brand promo codes, you first need to collect brand loyalty points, and only then you can spend them to reveal the discounts.

How many in-game items are there in GoArt?

There are MTEs, promo codes, brand loyalty points, GoArt Key NFTs, energy and durability items in GoArt. Each of them offers different uses.


What can you do in past-time portals?

In the past-time portals, you can visit the digital representations of historically renowned places located all around the world. There are lots of available locations and places from Turkiye where you can explore surroundings, connect with other players and collect MTEs, energy items while you discover them. Install GoArt mobile app and don’t miss new added places in past-time portals.

What can you do in present-time portals?

The present-time portals are home to GoArt’s publishers. Publishers are GoArt’s brand partners and you can see and experience their meta-stores and branches. In the present time, you can collect loyalty points, promo codes, and energy items of brands during your travels.

What can you do in future-time portals?

The future-time portals are coming very soon. Install GoArt mobile app and don’t miss new added places, portals in future-time portals.

What’s the move-to-earn (M2E) narrative?

As hinted in the name, move-to-earn (M2E) requires you to walk to accumulate MTEs both inside and outside of GoArt. You can either use virtual discovery and move using the cursor on your phone or use the AR discovery mode to explore GoArt overlaid in the real world. The more you explore the more MTEs and other items you will encounter.

How do I repair my items?

The lifespan of bags decreases with traveling and you are required to repair your bags to keep accumulating. You can do that by going into the inventory section on the app and using your MTEs.

How do you level up your Avatar?

You can level your avatar up by using your MTEs. You can start exploring the GoArt and collect MTEs and go to the Avatar section in the mobile app.

What is the Avatar level for?

Avatar levels are there to determine the capabilities of your avatar. To benefit fully from the features of GoArt you need to level up. To create private rooms, use emojis and use the voice chat feature.

Can I play on my computer?

No, for now you can only experience GoArt on your mobile devices.

Where can I contact you if I need support?

Join our Discord server and visit our #general chat channel to ask questions you have. Our community management team will answer your questions and support you on your GoArt experience. Don’t forget to check other channels to discover more about GoArt.

I lost my wallet’s login credentials. What happens to my account?

Contact us on Discord. Create a ticket, and we’ll get back to you in no time.


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