Proccessing of Personal Data


I understand the issues subject to notification and that I have learned in detail my rights regarding the processing of my personal data by GoArt Worlds Inc. (“Company”) through the Privacy Policy.

I consent to processing of my identity, communication, marketing, location and visual-audio information for the purposes of developing and customizing various games and activities on the Website and mobile applications of GoArt Worlds according to user needs, and conducting marketing and promotional activities campaigns, advantages, promotions, creation and transmission of advertisements, using the Application with AR (augmented reality) and to register for the use of the App with authentication via KYC and providing the Services based on the Agreement.

I consent to the transfer of my identity, communication and process security information; to the Company’s suppliers, business partners, subsidiaries and shareholders located domestically for the purposes of developing the Application and various activities and games within the Application and personalizing them according to User needs, marketing, conducting promotional activities, creating and transmitting campaigns, advantages, promotions, advertisements.

I consent to transferring my identity, contact information abroad through a data processor whose database is located abroad, in order to perform remote authentication via a data processor for mitigating the financial and privacy risks.


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