TFF Omuz Omuza

Strike your penalty shots for a noble cause!

This campaign with TFF is to aid in people’s recovery. All of the profits made from the in-app purchases will be donated to those affected by the vicious earthquakes.
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What is the Omuz Omuza

Pitch likely to entail?

  • February 6 Monument: A statue to pay respects to those affected by the violent earthquakes.
  • TFF Museum: An informative space where various digitized assets and memorabilia by TFF are displayed.
  • The penalty game: Where you compete for the rewards and top of the leaderboard.
  • The Noble Strike Awards Section: Where the prize pool items are displayed.

How can I play

the penalty game?


First, download the app and enter the TFF Omuz Omuza portal. Walk towards the pitch and tap on the Start to Play button.

Receive 10 free penalty shots for the first time you enter. Your footballs are restored by 1 every 8 hours.

Each goal you score gets you 10 TFF Loyalty Points. You can use these points later to win rewards.

Exclusive Rewards

Download and start taking your penalty shots now. Score big, win unique rewards, and participate in a noble cause as we donate the entire amount we make from in-app purchases to earthquake victims.

  • 1UEFA Champions League Final Game Tickets (Inter vs ManCity)
  • 2Signed FC Barcelona Jerseys.
  • 3
    National Team Away-Game Pack:
    • Travel with TFF Exclusive Guests.
    • Watch the Away-Game
    • Accomodation expenses covered
  • 4Signed jerseys of Turkish Super League Teams.
  • 5National Team Home-Game Tickets.
  • 61 each Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Trabzonspor jerseys worn during the match
  • 7A Day with the National Team:
    Lucky Time Travellers will get a chance to experience a full training day with the national team in Riva during the National Team camp.
  • 8Turkish Super League game tickets.
    Dates will be mutually determined.
  • 910v10 Time Travellers Exhibition Game:
    Great news for our football-fanatic Time Travellers! We offer our participants a chance to play in a 10v10 exhibition game officiated by a TFF referee.
Participation: Spend your Loyalty points in the rewards section to acquire entry rights and try out to get exclusive rewards. We are utilizing Chainlink’s VRF here to ensure a fair rewarding process. If lucky, you will have the chance to mint the rewards in the form of soulbound tokens. Then SBT owners will receive a form to fill out for TFF to sort out the logistics and get you your prizes. To increase your odds refer to the in-app purchases and buy some footballs. Stay on top of the leaderboard to win iconic jerseys.


All participants scoring goals will be ranked in the leaderboard section. Here, you can see your standings and motivate yourself to strive for the top.

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