Empowering Publishers in the GoArt Platform

Publishers on the GoArt platform craft 3D and AR experiences with tools like campaign management, gamification, and NFT collections.


The "Campaign" feature is a versatile platform tool that empowers brands to effortlessly design and oversee their marketing campaigns.

It offers a wide array of functionalities, allowing brands to define campaign details, set rules and limits, and introduce gamified item distribution within a single section. This integrated "Game" section introduces interactive games and specific game rules, streamlining item distribution while simultaneously enhancing user engagement and active participation.


It enables brands to gamify their campaigns by distributing collectible items on their spaces, driving user engagement and loyalty.


Brands can tailor campaigns based on user location, device, and other parameters, allowing for customization that boosts engagement and retention.

Performance measurement

Marketers can assess campaign effectiveness through performance metrics, gaining valuable insights into user engagement and loyalty.

Push notification and email marketing

Brands on the platform can send targeted push notifications and bulk emails to enhance user interaction.


The Virtual Space feature seamlessly integrates a powerful tool for effortlessly editing, managing, personalizing, and enhancing virtual spaces, including media such as banners.

This capability empowers brands to infuse their virtual environments with custom visual elements, resulting in a more immersive and engaging experience. The AR Space feature within our Space Manager empowers users with a cutting-edge tool to create, manage.

Empowering creativity

Creators and administrators have full control over their AR environments. Elevate your AR experiences by adding quests, treasure hunts, and seamlessly blending virtual and real worlds for an unparalleled user adventure.

Location-based AR

The AR Space feature supports location-based AR, enabling to anchor digital content to specific real-world locations, providing a context-aware experiences.

Loyalty points and rewards

Games within the AR Space feature allow for the distribution of loyalty points and other valuable items to users. This gamification element enhances user engagement and loyalty to your brand.


The "Reward" feature is a groundbreaking addition to our platform that harnesses the power of web3 technology and NFT collections to redefine audience engagement.

Web3-powered engagement

Our platform embraces the principles of web3 technology, ushering in a new era of decentralized, user-centric interactions. Brands can now leverage the blockchain.

Promo code integration

As part of the engagement strategy, brands can associate rewards with NFTs. When users claim these NFTs, a compelling element is introduced—a hidden promo code. This creates an element of surprise and anticipation, further enriching the user experience.

Utility-driven NFTs

Each NFT within the collection can offer distinct utilities or benefits. Whether it's exclusive access to premium content, virtual items, or special privileges, brands have the flexibility to define the value proposition of their NFTs, enhancing their appeal.

Interactive engagement

The act of revealing the promo code becomes an interactive and memorable experience for users. This engagement tactic adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement, solidifying the brand-consumer relationship.

Audience expansion

By offering NFTs and associated rewards, brands can attract and engage new audiences. The allure of digital collectibles and hidden rewards is a powerful incentive for users to connect with and explore your brand.

NFT collections

The "Reward" feature empowers brands to launch their very own NFT collections.


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